A to Z of Music Blogs: The Recommender

This week we hit ‘R’ in the A to Z. I try not to be overly influenced by ‘home town bias’ in any artist reviews or any other comment on this blog and I sincerely believe that anyone anywhere in the blogiverse would struggle to disagree with our choice today – The Recommender.

Origin – The Recommender has been educating the music taste of Brighton & beyond since March 2008

Frequency and style – Expect 3 or 4 a week from Mike and crew. They’re not prolific but most posts are well considered articles, often of some length, featuring a video or two and numerous tracks giving you a full picture of the artist in question.

Platform – WordPress

Music taste – The Recommender is mainly an indie blog. Don’t expect thrash metal or the latest dubstep remix but do look out for some variety within their particular niche.

Recent artists covered – Aluna George, The Good Natured, Grimes, Sweet Lights, Real Fur, Rainbow Arabia, Cymbals

SGTMT verdict – At the start of the Battle of Britain in WW2 the British held one strategic advantage over the Germans – Radar. This meant we could detect the Kraut bombers about 20 mins or so before they appeared on the horizon. Not a massive amount of time but enough to put us ahead of the game. Please excuse the history lesson, but if you follow The Recommender for long enough you’ll realise they’re the music blog equivalent of Radar, normally one step ahead of the rest of us.

I’ll be brutally honest, I don’t always dig the tunes Mike and co pumps out, but that is not to say that my taste is in any way superior. If anything The Recommender’s track record would suggest the opposite is true. They have an uncanny habit of spotting the next big thing and even the BBC have anointed Mike as one of their ‘tastemakers‘.

Alongside a distinguished musical taste they also boast one of the best looking blogs around. Other blogs look on admiringly and then go back to photoshop and curse their poor YouTube learned skills.

In conclusion, The Recommender deserves your attention. Go sit at the back of the class and let Professor Mike and team educate your musical palette.

Honourable mentionRide the Tempo

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