We don’t talk enough about: F**k Buttons

I like music which initially sounds tuneless then rewards me with a hint of sweetness or melody once it deems I’ve been sufficiently initiated. To me, having to wait or work for the reward makes it sweeter than had it been handed to me on a plate.

Climbing the metal steps at the end of the swimming pool is so much more rewarding when you’ve just been drowning in the deep end.

F**k Buttons are a duo from Bristol (it seems I like duos) who are two LPs into their mission to explore the frontier where tuneless and melody meet, shake hands and trade stories. They’re doing a good job of fulfilling my criteria as Olympians, which I’ve been listening to a lot lately, shows:

For those of you simply must have things handed to you on a plate, here’s a radio edit which cuts out the first bit and thus sticks two fingers up to everything I’ve described above.

It’s not as good, you’ll see:

Fuck Buttons – Olympians (Radio Edit) by All Tomorrows Parties