A to Z of Music Blogs: LOOSE L!PS

This week saw a heavyweight contest like little that the music blogosphere has seen before. In the blue / gray corner – Listen Before You Buy; in the pink corner – LOOSE L!PS. They wrestled & fought (albeit unbeknown to them), LL attacked with a Toro Y Moi remix, LBYB counter punched with a killer tune from The Kickdrums. It was neck and neck, blogger vs blogger, who was going to win? Am I hyping this up too much? Probably, well eventually we choose LOOSE L!PS to fill the ‘L’ spot in the A to Z.

Origin – LOOSE L!PS comes out of Dallas TX although seems to have Paris connections of some sort. It’s been going since May 2010, a wee pup.

Frequency and style – LL posts 4/5 times a week and follows a trusted format of; image, paragraph or two, song.

Platform – Blogger

Music taste – Not enough blogs have a strapline. LL does: LOOSE L!PS S!NK SH!PS, but good music shouldn’t be kept secret. On the most part LL features indie, electropop, house etc.

Recent artists covered – Land of Talk, The Veils, Mansions on the Moon, Toro Y Moi, Futurecop!

SGTMT verdictHypem categorises this blog under the tag ‘female bloggers’. They seem to not have a male category which I guess is probably because of the distinct lack of ladies typing about music. We’ve only featured one other (that I know of) in the A to Z so far. So LL is a rare breed but on the evidence of this blog not an endangered species.

LL has a very pink and distinctive look and some great unique features, particularly the weekly updated Loose L!p-St!ck and the excellent Comedown Sundays. However, although it’s a sweet looking blog and clearly some thought has gone into the content, style and voice of the blog, what really wins the knockout blow for us is the music. How could we judge a music blog on anything else? And to be honest, I’m not a fan of pink. Whenever my mum dug the Neapolitan ice-cream out the bottom of the freezer I’d always scoop the vanilla and chocolate but ignore the strawberry.

This blog skips from one sublime tune to the next. Indie, chillwave or electropop, LL glides seamlessly from one to the next. Listening to LL is not so much like eating Neapolitan ice-cream but more like a refreshing & uplifting cherry sorbet or a relaxing post-dinner glass of port around the cheese board. Read, listen and be pleased.

Honourable mentionListen Before You Buy

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