We don’t talk enough about: Japandroids

Sporting the finest name since Kitchens of Distinction, Japandroids are my kind of band.

They tour relentlessly, release limited 7″ singles through small labels, ask their fans to find them places to play when their promoter cancels (“Attention! Everyone in Costa Rica! We’ve already bought our plane tickets, so we’re coming anyway!”) and eschew the traditional band setup by having just the two members (Brian King plays a wall of distortion, Dave Prowse plays ragged drums, they take turns to yell).

What a glorious noise it is too. 2009’s Post-Nothing LP was both critically-acclaimed and actually good; raw and visceral garage rock. As far as I can make out the band are either in the studio now, or are soon to head in to record a new LP which is due this year after they finish playing riotous shows like this:

In the meantime, here’s a download of Younger Us, one of their finest moments.

More of the same please. Soon please.

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