Keep an eye on… Floating Points

Science isn’t my strong point, but I’m told (by the internet) that a floating point is something that doesn’t technically exist. Floating Points does though, which is good news for anyone who likes the sound of house, broken beat and dubstep in a lift, fighting with boogie over which level to get out on. That is the worst introduction I’ve ever written but I’m going to crash on.

Spending his early years studying classical composition and jazz piano, Sam Shepherd now produces and DJs as Floating Points, fronts 13-piece band the Floating Points Ensemble and runs the leftfield Eglo label with Rinse FM DJ Alexander Nut (on which he released his debut Vacuum, named after, and featuring, his parents’ hoover). All that while studying for a Ph.D in ‘the neuroscience of pain’ at UCL. A busy man.

Floating Points first grabbed my attention with Love Me Like This, an excellent remix of Real to Reel’s song of the same name from 1983 (which is also awesome incidentally):

Love Me Like This by floatingpoints

Now Ninja Tune have signed up the Floating Points Ensemble for an album release and released two tracks in December as a taster. Here’s one:

A real talent to keep an eye on.

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