A to Z of Music Blogs: Fat Roland on Electonica

This week ‘F’ is the letter in our A to Z of Music Blogs series on SGTMT.

Today we joyfully give you – Fat Roland on Electronica

I have to be honest to start with, I have met Fat Roland in real life. I brought him beer, he brought me beer. He asked a weird question about A-HA, I got it wrong (dammit). None of this changes the fact that the blog is awesome and he won the blog of the year at the Manchester Blog Awards. (I should also say he was the joint winner with my other blog Love Levenshulme.)

Anyways, let us go forth and review.

Origin – Fat Roland first posted in November 2004!! That is OLD! Did the internet even exist then? Could people even type then?

This is an old, experienced and mature blog. Like a fine wine, or one of those cheeses that looks weird. Importantly, this blog is Manchester based which is the best kind of blog. Deal with it.

Frequency and style – Fat Roland posts two or three times a week. To be honest I am a little jealous of how good a writer he is and often find myself laughing as I read. Fat Roland also has a tendency to rant. I love a good rant. Winner. The design is simple and nothing unusual but the words are awesome.

He is not confined to a music theme and will write about films and many other things that take his fancy. He does have an obsession with James Blunt and could do with some counselling.

Platform – Blogger – It looks like a blogger site and feels like a blogger site but I don’t care that much.

Music taste – Obviously, electonica. So there are lots of weird bleeps, twirps, tweets and beats. The music sounds like how I would imagine insomnia to sound if it took human form and started releasing music.

Recent artists covered –

Raffertie – Rank Functions from the Rank Functions EP (Super 2010)

Subvert – Speaker Humpin (Mark Instinct remix) from Speaker Humpin Remixed (Muti Music 2010)

Lorn – What’s The Use from the album Nothing Else (Brainfeeder 2010)

Eskmo – We Got More from the album Eskmo (Ninja Tune 2010)

Darkstar – North from the album North (Hyperdub 2010)
Denis Jones – Clap Hands from the album Red + Yellow = (Humble Soul 2010)

iTAL tEK – Talis from the album Midnight Colour (Planet Mu 2010)

Girl Unit – Wut (Night Slugs 2010)
Teebs – You’ve Changed from the album Ardour (Brainfeeder 2010)

Eskmo – Moving Glowstream from the album Eskmo (Ninja Tune 2010)

Seefeel – Faults from the album Seefeel (Warp, forthcoming in 2011)

Luke Abbott – Brazil from the album Holkham Drones (Border Community 2010)

Daft Punk – Tron Legacy (End Titles) from the OST album Tron:Legacy (Walt Disney (!) 2010)

SGTMT verdict – I freakin love it. I have never been huge into electronica so this blog has been pure education for me. I am also a big fan of the writing style, the humour and the authors tendency to loss the plot and get angry.

Honourable Mention – Er I don’t have one. Any suggestions?

Anyways, I once found this on Fat Rolands site. Cannot remember where though…

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