A to Z of Music Blogs: Battle of the Midwestern Housewives

Last week we launched a superlatively exciting new series on SGTMT – A to Z of Music Blogs. We begun with Andygoesdowntochinatown and now we’re onto ‘b’. If you hadn’t already guessed that then, please, please visit some sort of medical practitioner as soon as humanly possible.

Today we introduce – Battle of the Midwestern Housewives

Origin – BOTMH has been going since 2007 (that’s old for a blog) and comes out of Philadelphia, USA.

Frequency and style – Posts seem to appear 2 to 3 times a week. This is a Punk Rock Blog plain and simple.

Platform – Blogspot

Music taste – Punk Rock.

Recent artists covered – Hold Tight, The Scandals, Common Rider, 4 Past Midnight, Screeching Weasel, OFF!

SGTMT verdict – I first met Punk Rock in my teens when friends and my fat brother gave me tapes of NOFX, The Offspring, Lagwagon, Rancid, Snuff. I then discovered Fat Wreck Chords and their amazing Fat Music for Fat People compilations. As I got older my music tastes changed and developed somewhat, I’d love to say matured but I ain’t cheese. Punk disappeared off my playlists but a soft spot was retained (can you have a ‘soft spot’ for Punk?) and possibly reignited by this cream cracker of a blog.

These guys aren’t trying to win tens of thousands of readers with innovate design style, pretending they like Lady Gogo or schmoozing up to the Hype Machine. I doubt there is much flirting with record label bods and PR chicks and they really couldn’t care less about the latest ‘cry into your wine spritzer, 20 somethings, indie singer-songwriter dullness’. They just write about and giveaway Punk Rock, how Punk Rock is that?

Honourable mentionBig Stereo. The total opposite to the above but still a great blog.

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