Solar Bears – She Was Coloured In

This maybe terrible but whenever I hear of a new band from Ireland a few scary stereotypes come into my head; U2 (not another one please) & Sinead O’Connor. Fortunately Solar Bears don’t sound anything like either of the above. To be honest it’s difficult to quite describe this lot, sort of lo-fi meets hi-fi, languid, chilled out but peculiar electronica. The album, She Was Coloured In, was released earlier this year and deserves a listen, preferably whilst doing something involving no strenuous effort of mind or body.

I won’t go into further detail on the album as better writers than me have already regurgitated far more clever cliches than I can muster at this time on a Monday night. However, I will say; I like Solar Bears. Not just because I love the name (regular readers will know I’m a sucker for a killer band name) but because these guys are trying their own thing, the NME described them as ‘uncool’, which is a bit harsh (what do they know anyway) but there is something unusually captivating about these chaps. Keep up the good work fuzzy Irish friends.

Listen or download Crystalline (Be Again) below or buy She Was Coloured In now.

Solar Bears – Crystalline (be again) by Soundsgoodtometoo


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